66Fit Full Round Foam Roller Extra Firm EPP

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Feel aches and pains roll away with the 66fit Foam Roller.

The 66fit High-Density Foam Roller is designed to target painful trigger point areas to help soothe muscular pain and discomfort, eliminate uncomfortable knots, and relieve tension.

Ideal for a wide variety of stretching and massage techniques our black EPP foam roller can help improve stability, balance, and flexibility, increase blood circulation, and boost core strength when used both pre and post-workout.

Simply roll the targeted body area over the foam roller to target and relieve tense painful muscles.

Our EPP roller has also proven effective for those users wishing to stretch or release the iliotibial band (ITB) following a knee injury or post-operatively as advised by a physio.

Why Choose the 66fit EPP Professional Foam Roller?

Manufactured to a high standard the 66fit high-density foam roller is a versatile, easy-to-use product designed with practicality, portability, and easy storage in mind.

Crafted from extremely firm EPP foam (Expanded Polypropylene) these black rollers are hardwearing, durable, and robust making them ideal for both home and commercial use.

Each roller is a one-piece construction made from heat-molded polypropylene balls which are tightly compressed to form an extremely firm foam roller which we recommend for advanced/professional use only.


  • The 66fit High-Density Foam Roller is designed to target specific trigger point areas to help relieve muscular aches and tension.
  • Boosts circulation, and improves stability, flexibility, and overall sports performance. Ideal for stretching, massage, and core strength.
  • Firm EPP foam construction. Smooth sheen surface. Lightweight, portable, wipe clean.
  • Suitable for Advanced users only. Home or gym use.
  • Ideal for general fitness, sports rehabilitation, physiotherapy, Pilates and Yoga. 


Colour: Black
Dimensions: 45cm & 90cm x 15cm
Material: EPP foam (Expanded Polypropylene)
Packed Weight: 821gms