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Sit up Straight with the 66fit Inflatable Sitting Wedge.

Sitting for long periods of time on an unsuitable chair will inevitably result in lower back pain caused by general poor postural alignment and slouching. The 66fit Inflatable Sitting Cushion helps to relieve pain and discomfort and reduce slouching by realigning the spine into its correct position. The wedge gently tilts the pelvis forward putting a natural and neutral curve back into the spine to correct poor posture and encourage us to sit up straight.


  • The 66fit Inflatable Wedge Cushion with pump is designed to improve posture and reduce back pain whilst sitting down.

  • Corrects sitting position to help alleviate stress on the lower back and hence reduce back pain.

  • Inflatable seating wedge offers comfort and support whilst sitting, helps prevent slouching, promotes good posture.

  • Actively improves the quality of sitting for prolonged periods of time. Suitable for use on any chair.

  • Easy to inflate. Pump included. Ideal for both home and office use.