Advance® Booster Pads

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Advance® Booster Pads are designed to be used with other Advance® absorbent products for an additional layer of protection without being bulky and uncomfortable.

The super absorbent core of the booster pad incorporates high quality super absorbent polymers (SAP) which lock away liquid and neutralise odour to ensure comfort and dryness. It is perfect to use at night to ensure comfortable and uninterrupted rest for the user. For male users the Advance® Booster Pad Regular can be placed at the front of the primary incontinence aid and in the middle for female users. Advance® Booster Pad simply provides that additional ‘peace of mind’.

Pad Size Dimensions: 29 cm x 9 cm

Pack Quantity:     28 pieces

Carton Quantity:  12 packs/336 pieces

Key Features

  • Significantly increases absorption of any Advance® product
  • Great for extra protection during the night
  • Permeable backing designed to allow excess liquid to flow through into the primary Advance® incontinence aid
  • Soft & thin for great comfort 
  • Adhesive strip ensures a secure fit


    Can be used with Advance® Breathable Pads, Pull-up Briefs or Breathable Shaped Pads

    1. Unfold the Advance® Booster Pad and remove the paper from the adhesive strip
    2. Place the pad onto inside of an Advance® absorbent product making sure the adhesive strip is finally attached firmly