Advance® Small Shaped Pads

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Advance® Small Shaped Pads offer great protection in a discreet pad. They are designed for users with light to moderate incontinence.

Advance® Small Shaped Pads are discreet, breathable and anatomically designed for ultimate comfort and confidence. This product is often the first used incontinence aid in the Advance® range for those with bladder weakness or stress incontinence. It is designed to be worn with close fitting conventional briefs or Advance® Fixation Pants and has an adhesive back strip to ensure a secure fit. Pad Size Dimensions: 27 cm x 17 cm

Pack Quantity:     28 pieces.

Carton Quantity: 12 packs/336 pieces. 

Key Features

  • Additional acquisition layer for fast absorption
  • Cloth-like outer cover is soft and discreet
  • Adhesive strip for secure fixation
  • Soft side shields help to prevent side leakage
  • Anatomic shape allows close and comfortable fit
  • Breathable cloth-like materials for comfort & discretion

  • Instructions

    1. Unfold the pad and fold it lengthways to form a gully. Remove the paper from the adhesive strip
    2. Place the pad inside the underwear ensuring that the adhesive strip is securely attached to the underwear
    3. Pull up the underwear and adjust if needed