Advance® Underlays

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The Advance® Underlay draws in liquid and moisture which is quickly locked away in the highly absorbent diamond embossed core.

This core is made up of high quality polymers and pulp which are soft and absorbent. The Advance® Underlay is latex free and the waterproof polyethylene back sheet protects bedding, furniture or wheel chairs from leakage. Ideal for use when changing incontinence pads, infection control and surface protection requirements.

Pack Quantity:     20 pieces.

Carton Quantity:  4 packs/80 pieces.  

Key Features

  • Ideal for infection control and surface protection requirements
  • Moisture lock for odour control
  • Soft dry-feel layer for comfort
  • Embossed channels for fast absorption
  • With super absorbent polymers
  • Waterproof backing with sealed edges