Allcare Mediwipes - 160 Wipes

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 A hospital-grade wipe that eliminates bacterial contamination. Created to clean and disinfect surfaces.

Use to clean hard surfaces, trollies, tables, tools, counters and more! Tough enough to remove blood, organic matter and saliva from surfaces and equipment. Also approved for soft furnishings (check manufacturers instructions), also safe for use on hands. MPI C44, MPI Approval for use in farm dairy, AsureQuality H2428.

Each wipe contains:

  • Ethanol: Kills bacteria by cell coagulation and dehydration
  • Chlorhexidine-Gluconate: Disinfects equipment surfaces
  • Cetrimide: An antiseptic and detergent used for cleaning utensils, surgical instruments and wounds


  • 160 Wipes per pack
  • Re-sealable flip top container
  • Eliminate bacterial contaminants from all surfaces and utensils
  • Inactivate HIV and HSV (Herpes) viruses
  • Pleasant aroma