Allcare Supacore Pregnancy Support Leggings - Full Length Black (Jenny)

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During pregnancy, your body undergoes profound changes you might not immediately notice. Your heart works harder, circulating increased blood volume to support your growing baby. These changes can affect your entire body, leading to symptoms like swollen feet, light-headedness, and fatigue. Our prenatal leggings are designed to be an essential part of your maternity wardrobe, offering support through these challenging times. They provide the necessary comfort and support to help you manage the physical demands of pregnancy.
The Jenny legging uses leading body-mapped medical-grade compression to help alleviate lower back pain, sciatica and pelvic pain ( symphysis pubis pain) associated with pregnancy.

  • Stretch seamlessly over the bump soft flex zone adapts to the growing baby for extra comfort. 
  • Assist with relief from varicose veins
  • Graduated compression helps reduce fluid retention - helps legs feel lighter and less swollen
  • Ribtech® mapped to muscles to provide micro-massaging whilst you move.
  • Graduated compression can ease swelling in your legs and ankles.

Supacore’s CORETECH™ technology uses patented body mapping engineering to copy the body’s core stability system and provide targeted compression throughout the pelvis and core.

During your pregnancy, it's typical for your abdomen to expand approximately 1 cm each week to accommodate your growing baby. Weight gain patterns also vary throughout the pregnancy stages: you can expect to gain up to 2 kg during the first trimester, followed by approximately 0.5 to 1 kg per week during the second and third trimesters. Overall, this amounts to a total weight gain of about 12 to 16 kg over the entire course of your pregnancy. As a result, you may find that many of your regular clothes no longer fit comfortably.

Designed by Dr Carolyn Taylor, an Australian expert in pelvic instability during pregnancy.




  • Help reduce tired legs, swollen ankles and feet.
  • Helps increase blood flow to placenta and unborn baby
  • Body sculpting - smoothes lumps and bumps.
  • Reduce lower back pain and increases pelvic/back support.
  • Pelvic instability and pelvic girdle pain (PGP).
  • Increase mobility and stability - continuing to work.
  • Varicose veins and sciatic nerve pain
  • Increased pressure and heaviness in your groin