Antipodes Avocado and Pear Repair Nourishing Night Cream effectively improves skin cell vitality 60ml

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Enhance the health of your skin with Antipodes Avocado and Pear Repair Nourishing Night Cream. This powerful formula improves skin cell vitality by 60ml, promoting a rejuvenated and nourished complexion. Enjoy the benefits of avocado and pear, known for their nourishing and reparative properties.

Antipodes is a natural green skin care brand founded by young mother Elizabeth Barbalich. Elizabeth has a scientific background. The effects of her brand's organic products have also been verified by scientific experiments. They do not use any harsh chemicals and use natural and environmentally responsible methods. It can achieve skin care effects, and the whole process is harmless to yourself and the environment.

The Antipodes brand was founded in 2005 by young mother Elizabeth Barbalich. Barbaric, who has a background in scientific research and physiotherapy, started producing the brand in his kitchen in Wellington, New Zealand.

In just a few years, Antipodes has become a huge success in the international market and is currently exported to the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, France and Asia. The organic products that have received the internationally renowned Agriquality certification are the brand's most popular products to date.

“My goal is to tell women of all ages in all countries the simple fact that skin care can be achieved in a natural and environmentally responsible way without the use of any harsh chemicals, and the entire process is safe for you. It’s environmentally friendly,” Barbaric said.

The main ingredients used in Antipodes include: certified organic extra virgin avocado oil, kawakawa (a small local tree commonly used in Maori traditional medicine) that grows in the tropical rainforest, Mamaku black fern (mamaku), Manuka honey and pohutukawa, also known as the New Zealand Christmas tree.