Dermal Therapy Warteze 75ml

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Dermal Therapy Warteze Freeze is a specially designed wart remover to eliminate plantar warts and common warts through at-home cryotherapy.  Planter warts are warts located on the support surfaces of the foot, beneath the arch. They can be hard and quite painful when subjected to pressure. Common warts, by comparison, are located on the hands, elbows, and face. Freeze warts with 1 application Wart remover for hands and feet Can be used for plantar and common warts 10 foam applicators Directions: DO NOT USE PRODUCT ON FACE Place the can on a stable surface. Hold the can firmly and remove the protective cap on the top of the can. Insert the foam applicator in the housing on the top of the can so that less than half of it remains visible. Remember to never use the product without the foam applicator. Put back the protective cap and gently cover, ensure that the clear panels are aligned with the blue markers. Remember to ensure the foam applicator remains straight. Turn the can upside down and press the end of the cap on a stable surface for 3-5 seconds to wet the foam applicator with the product. Wait 10-15 seconds holding the can upside down. Remove the protective cap, hold the can upside down, and make sure the applicator does not drip before applying it to the wart. In case of dripping, absorb the excess liquid on a tissue without touching the liquid with your hands. Place the sponge, in the centre of the wart, without pressing, for a maximum duration of 40 seconds. During this application do not press the cap. After the treatment, remove the foam applicator and place back the protective cap ensuring that it is in a locked position. The wart will fall off after about 2 weeks. In case of deeply rooted warts, 2–3 additional applications are required, with intervals of two weeks between each application. In the case of many warts, treat only one at a time, always with two-week intervals between each treatment from one wart to another. Ingredients: Butane, Propane, Isobutane, Dimethyl Ether