Harker Herbals Bowel Cleanse

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Description Bowel Cleanse supports the natural eliminatory functions of the lower intestinal tract and bowel by gently encouraging peristaltic movements and also toning bowel tissues. Non-habit forming, it can be safely taken over several weeks. The elixir contains black pepper, and Carrageen to lubricate the bowel. It also contains rhubarb and senna to support regularity, and wormwood - a bowel cleanser and vermicide.   Ingredients Active Ingredients: Cascara sagrada, Rhubarb Root. Herbs: Cayenne, ginger, kelp, licorice, carrageen, wormwood, Activated carbon. Pure essential oils: Jojoba, aniseed, patchouli, orange, cinnamon, bay laurel. Plus: Celtic sea salt, citric acid, vegetable glycerine, organic iodine. No added sugar. Contains no yeast, gluten, wheat, dairy products, artificial colours or sweeteners.   Suggested Use Adults: 5-10mls , 3 times daily Shake bottle vigorously prior to taking each dose   Additional Product Information Warning: Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.