Harker Herbals Intestinal Cleanse

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Description Harker Herbals Intestinal Cleanse An important tonic in the Malcolm Harker range, Intestinal Cleanse is a gentle cleanse for the digestive tract to support healthy digestion, increased energy levels and discourage parasites, helping essential minerals and nutrients from foods to be absorbed into the bloodstream.  Harkers Herbals recommends taking Intestinal Cleanse four times a year for 7-14 days. Intestinal cleanse may also support microbial balance in the digestive tract.   Ingredients  Active Ingredients: Wormwood Green Walnut Leaf Clove oil Thymol Herbs: Carrageen Cayenne Ginger Licorice Pure Essential Oils: D'Limonene Jojoba Lemon Lime Orange Plus: Celtic Sea Salt, Citric Acid, Organic Iodine, Vegetable Glycerine. No added sugar.   Suggested Use Shake vigorously before use. Swill for 10 secs before swallowing, if possible.  Adults (12 years and over): Take 10 - 20mls, 3 - 4x daily Children (2-12 years): Take 5mls, 3 - 4x daily Infants (1-2 years): Take 2.5mls, 2 - 3x daily Introductory Dosage: Take ¼ to ½ recommended dose for the first 2 - 3 days. Can be taken long term. Suitable for all the family.   Additional Product Information Warnings: Not to be taken while pregnant or breastfeeding. If taking prescribed medication (including blood thinners or blood pressure medication), please seek professional medical advice before taking our products. Always read the label and use only as directed. If suffering a thyroid condition, please seek medical advice before taking.