Lifestream Brain Fuel Nootropics 60 Vege Capsules

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Description Fatigue, stress, brain fog? Imagine achieving laser sharp focus and memory while still feeling calm, being in a good mood all day even under pressure - and all of that without caffeine crash! Fuel your focus fast with Lifestream Brain Fuel Nootropics . It boosts brain nutrition, function, and energy, with up to 5 hours* of enhanced mental clarity and focus. Packed in 100% Sugarcane Plastic packaging - kerbside recyclable. No increase in blood pressure or heart rate 100% plant based Scientifically Researched Starts working in 1 hour Non-stimulating   Ingredients ACTIVE INGREDIENTS PER CAP: enXtra® (Alpinia galanga) 150mgSpirulina (Arthrospira platensis)410mgContains encapsulating aids. No added soy, dairy, wheat or gluten.   Suggested Use Adults: Take 1-2 capsules daily with food. Contains encapsulating aids. Vegan. No added soy, dairy, wheat and gluten.   Additional Product Information Warning: Always read the label and use as directed If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional Vitamins & minerals are not a replacement for a balanced diet Store below 25° and away from direct sunlight Do not use if cap seal is broken Keep out of reach of children.