Natroceutics Co-Enzyme CoQ10 30 Capsules

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Description Through the utilisation of an advanced delivery technology Natroceutics CoQ10 has been developed to overcome the limitations of standard CoQ10 supplementation. Our product significantly increases the absorption of CoQ10 in your body and for the first time proven to deliver CoQ10 where it counts, within your cells. CoQ10 is essential for the optimal functioning and health of mitochondria within our cells. Mitochondria can be thought of as the power houses of our cells and provide energy, driving our life force. CoQ10 levels decline with age and can become further depleted by lifestyle conditions, certain medication, and illness. The idea of supplementing CoQ10 is well supported by science, physicians, performance, and anti-aging experts from around the world. Whilst there are various supplements available, Natroceutics uses a new breakthrough delivery technology which is the only form of CoQ10 proven through studies in humans to reach your mitochondria and increase CoQ10 levels within your cells. Our product has been proven to deliver these results through human studies. Where a single dose has an immediate measurable effect and 30 days of supplementation has been shown to significantly increase the concentration of CoQ10 within plasma and muscle tissue.