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Description Drug Test 6-parameters WHAT IS DRUG TEST FOR? The Drug Test by PRIMA® Lab detects the presence of six different types of substances and their metabolites in urine, with easy-to-read results in just 5 minutes. WHAT ARE THE DETECTED SUBSTANCES? The Test detects the presence of six different types of drugs in urine: Amphetamine, Cocaine, Marijuana (THC), Methadone, Methamphetamine and Morphine. These are substances that have different types of adverse effects on human health: Amphetamine: is a powerful central nervous system stimulant, it increases the heartbeat and the blood pressure, suppresses the sense of hunger, induces states of euphoria, vigilance and leads to a feeling of energy and power out of measure Cocaine: is a central nervous system stimulant and a local anaesthetic. At first, it brings a feeling of high energy and hyperactivity, which gradually leads to tremors, hypersensitivity and spasms. High doses lead to fever, apathy, difficulty in breathing and loss of consciousness. Cocaine is often taken by nasal inhalation, intravenous or smoked injection Marijuana (THC): is a hallucinogenic agent resulting from the flowering of the hemp plant (Cannabis sativa). After taking Marijuana, chemical compounds, such as tetrahydrocannabinol, are detected in urine. Drug use can cause central nervous system disorders altering sensory perception, inducing loss of coordination and weakening short-term memory. Other effects reported by consumers are: paranoid attacks, anxiety, depression, confusion, hallucinations and increased heart rate. Methadone: is an analgesic narcotic prescribed for the treatment of pain and opiate addiction, pain relief for a long time, with effects that remain from 12 to 48 hours and, when taken for long periods and in large doses, may result in a long period of detoxification Methamphetamine: is very chemically similar to Amphetamine, but it produces heavier effects on central nervous system. Methamphetamine is illegally produced and easily leads to abuse and addiction. This drug can be taken orally, injected or aspirated. Acute and abundant doses lead to high stimulation of the central nervous system and induces euphoria, alertness, reduced appetite and a sense of high energy and power Morphine: is an opiate which acts on the perception of pain, affecting the central nervous system. It is used in medicine as an analgesic for the treatment of acute and chronic pain. High doses of morphine lead to high levels of tolerance and addiction, physiological dependence and abuse by consumers. Codeine and heroin are also detected by the Test because they are metabolized by the body into morphine. WHO DOES USE THE DRUG TEST? The PRIMA® Lab Multi Drug Test can be used by everyone who wants to check the presence of the above mentioned substances in urine. HOW DOES THE DRUG TEST WORK? The Drug Test is an immunochromatographic assay that can be performed without the use of an instrument. The Test utilizes monoclonal antibodies to selectively detect levels of specific drugs in urine. Substance: Amphetamine Average time spent in urine: 4-24 hours Cut-Off ng/ml: 1000 Substance: Marijuana (THC) Average time spent in urine: 3-10 days Cut-Off ng/ml: 50 Substance: Cocaine Average time spent in urine: 24-48 hours Cut-Off ng/ml:300 Substance: Methadone Average time spent in urine: 3-5 hours Cut-Off ng/ml:300 Substance: Methamphetamine Average time spent in urine: 9-24 hours Cut-Off ng/ml: 500 Substance: Morphine Average time spent in urine: 3-5 hours Cut-Off ng/ml:300 Note: the average times mentioned above may depending on the amount of substance taken. WHEN SHOULD I DO THE DRUG TEST? The method used by our Test is the best way to screen drugs in urine and can be used at any time of the day. Pay attention to the average times of drug metabolites shown in the table.