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Description Menopause FSH Test WHAT IS THE MENOPAUSE-FSH TEST FOR? The Menopause-FSH Test checks the level of FSH hormone (Follicle-Stimulating Hormone) in urine in order to verify a possible high value. This change generally begins around 45 years of age, but the real signs appear towards the age of 55. The irregularity of menstrual cycle can be a first indicator of the beginning of menopause. WHAT ARE MENOPAUSE AND FSH? Menopause is a physiological event which corresponds to the end of the female fertile age. It is a rather slow change, which can start around 45 years of age, but its symptoms are constant at the age of 55. The most frequent symptoms are: hot flashes, increased sweating, sleep disorders and palpitations. Menopause is also associated with exhaustion of ovarian follicles and an increase in the level of the circulating FSH. During the fertile age, this hormone induces the follicle maturation and the Lh hormone secretion, responsible for ovulation. When a woman starts the menopause, FSH continues to be produced and its concentration remains high because the ovulatory phase is no longer achieved and negative feedback on FSH production is not exercised. This is the reason why the concentration of FSH is controlled during a suspected beginning of this condition. WHO DOES USE THE MENOPAUSE-FSH TEST? The Menopause-FSH Test is suitable for all women from 45 years of age who have experienced a period of absence of menstrual cycle or severe irregularity and disorders related to menopause, like hot flashes, increased sweating, sleep disorders and palpitations. HOW DOES THE MENOPAUSE-FSH TEST WORK? The Test checks the concentration of FSH levels in urine, hormone that is present in larger quantities during the menopause period. Quick and safe results in just 5 minutes. Menopause Test is an immunochromatographic assay that detects FSH through special gold-conjugated monoclonal antibodies included in the reactive strip. WHEN SHOULD I DO THE MENOPAUSE-FSH TEST? You can perform the Test at any time of day, but the first morning urine contains a higher concentration of FSH, which is why you can achieve better results.