The Complete Body Cream Pack

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This pack contains our popular Magnesium Kawakawa Body Cream 150ml that is helping give relief to many with restless legs, aches and pains, arthritis pain, sleeping issues, stress and anxiety. It is a highly moisturising Body Cream that supplements the body with Magnesium and other nutritive qualities at the same time. Supporting wellbeing naturally. The Natural Soothing Cream 150ml is a deeply moisturising face and body cream, perfect for those requiring a richer formulation, and for outdoor enthusiasts.  It is also ideal for calming, balancing, and relieving various skin issues, including eczema, irritated or dry patches, healing tattoos, and sun spots and even for baby's cradle cap.  This is a versatile, enjoyable, and health-conscious gift suitable for both men and women of all ages, perfect for daily use.