Thermastrap Sportsguard Shoulder Support

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Collection Name Sportsguard Shoulder Support

  • Sizes: Small (up to 30cm / 12 inches), Medium (31-34cm / 12.25 - 13.5 inches), Large (35-424cm / 13.75 - 16.5 inches), Xtra-Large (41-50cm / 16 - 19.5 inches) +$6
  • Comes in Biege only
  • Fits right or left shoulder
  • Comfort fit with Fabron, warmth, mobility plus moisture releasing breathability for day & night wear
  • Optimal support for frozen shoulder, shoulder strain or joint mobility
  • Suitable for sport, work or recreational activity
  • Ideal for night time joint discomfort
  • Firm adjustable lock in place fastening strap for unstable or subluxating shoulder joint alignment
  • Dislocation, Strain, Bursitis, AC Ligament Strain, Tendonitis

For size selection - Measure around (circumference) of the biceps muscle to get the arm hole fit.